Sunday, July 20, 2008

For your consideration ...

It looks as though the (m)asses have spoken and to nobody's suprise, they need more cowbell!

Just to let everyone know that I have catalogued a bunch of pictures I have taken over the last couple of years. They include my tenure in Hawaii as well as my European travels.

In addition, in the "links" section, I've include some helpful resources that you might enjoy. Auf Wiedersehen!


Kirk said...

With a picture like that in the begining... wow. Did you snap that one? I can't make my mouse click the link.... to much goodness on one image....

Damn. I clicked. WTF?!?! the return of the Mull.....

All I can think of is that scene with Mike Meyers in Goldmember. Just the letters sound a bit different. You know the scene -- "MOLE." with that guy from The Wonder Years.


Garrett Hohn said...

Nah, I wish I snapped that photo! Good looking girls, for whatever reason, are reluctant to imbibe copious amount of swill around me.

Mull? I understand the mole bit but mull?

Kirk said...

Mull: n.

[aka: Mullet, hockey hair, ape drape, ten ninety, millennium mullet, helmet hair, coupe Longueuil, Haircut o' Death, neckwarmer, Western Suburbs Crew Cut, Shorty Longback, business in front - party in the back]

A hairstyle that is formed by cutting the hair short on the the top and sides and allowing it to grow longer in back.

The hairstyle was popular during the late 20th century, from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. Mullets have been worn by males and females of all ages. The mullet is distinct from the rattail, which consists of a long, narrow "tail" of hair growing from the back of the head. Mullets also vary in length from side to side and necessarily do not share a single, consistent length.

The mullet became popular in the 1970s, due in part to the influence of glam rock artist David Bowie, who wore the haircut during his Ziggy Stardust and Diamond Dogs phases.

[Middle English molet, from Medieval Latin mulettus, probably from Old French mulet, from mul, from Latin mullus, from Greek mullos.]

for more information, please reference:

or just click some of Garrett's images referenced in the blog.


Garrett Hohn said...

Oh, MULLET! I didn't realize the word mullet was due to be shortened to ... mull.

Good call on remembering my mullet of yesteryear.