Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A hiatus

I'm back in the US and will be taking an approximate 2 month break from writing. In the interim, I've made an E-book addition of "Some call me Waegook" available for purchase for 5 USD through Paypal. The link is on the left of the page.

My E-book includes;
1. 5 never-before-posted blogs - including my last blog from Korea
2. A "preface"
3. Portable and printable format (PDF) - take "Some call me Waegook" on the road
4. 64 well designed, easy to read pages
5. Print out a copy to leave next to the shitter. Helpful for those stubborn bowel movements.

My goal is to raise enough money to buy a beer and a lap dance with the money levied. That should get me over my last Korean head cold. Until the next adventure ... Thanks for reading, Garrett