Friday, November 28, 2014

An update!

Well, it's been a while. Actually, it's been roughly four years. Here are some updates: 
1. I'm married. 
2. I'm back in Korea. 
3. I made an Internet course on how to turn barley into beer easily and cheaply (ok, this is probably a bit of a surprise.)


I've been a brewer for a long time.  The sad state of beer affairs in Korea forced me to take it, the brewing craft, a little bit more seriously.  As a result, I know more about beer making that's probably healthy or prudent.  I wasn't going to stop drinking beer so I had to make my own.  What makes my course unique is that I focus on working with "the lay of the land." Forging your own materials instead of buying off the shelf.  What I'm saying is I brought "hillbilly" to Korea. Have a look for yourself.

My videos, unlike the writing in which you have come to love on Oatmeal & Porn, is pure content minus foreplay.  Youtube has some great content regarding beer brewing but I don't want to sift through 14 minutes about a dude talking about how shitty his ex-wife is to get to the 1 minute part about how to build a mashtun.  For a crisp 20-spot, (30% off the sticker price) I will show you how to make beer from repurposed and DIY equipment in the space of a laundry closet.  I present to you I Brew U Brew "Small Spaces, Minimal Gear and Lotsa Beer"