Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Jeebus, Wings Win! Only 102 days before training camp begins.

And how bad-ass is this photo? The puck threatens to enter the net as the score board pictured in the background turns to 0.0. Not sure if my ticker, and possibly bowels, could have handled another OT sesh.
Yep, thats how the game ended and the championship was won. If anyone finds a Youtube video of Crosby crying, please let me know.


Kirk said...

flippin awesome series! triple OT was great. The final game... ahh, how that puck slid in front of the net wit 0.01 seconds left... and missed! What a season!

Garrett Hohn said...

I have a couple of beefs about an otherwise kick ass series

1. Games 1+2 were one-sided
2. Too much diving/Crosby's a bitch
3. Winning in 3OT @ home would have
been epic!

Did anyone else notice how they booed Bettman? I thought that was spectacular.

Kirk I didn't know you were a hockey fan BTW. I'm kind of a playoff fan in general of most sports sans basketball

Garrett Hohn said...

Oh, almost forgot.

Traditionally the puck will come out to center ice with 5 seconds left and the team, in this instance the Red Wings, will get to countdown and throw their equipment in the air and embrace.

Not so this year. I was confused as to whether or not Pittsburgh had scored in the waning seconds!?! After seeing the replay I thought it would have been pretty funny if the puck went into the net and they had to video review it just to wave off the goal!