Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lost videos plus Colette's 1st tractor ride

Tour bus ride in Dublin

Coast of Ireland

The infamous 3 wheeled Piaggio

This is some Italian dude we met on the sleezy Italian transport system. He knew approximately 3 words worth of English (not that I am talking shit because I know only 3 words of Italian - lotto = lucky, grazie = thank you, grappa = drunkeness ). Our host told him we were going to record him because we liked the way he spoke with his hands. Even though we couldn't understand a word he was saying, he was so expressive. Suffice to say, he became instantly shy and reserved once we started recording. The 3 words he knew in English you ask? "I LOVE CANADA!" Though he had never been there, he wanted to move for economic gain and he heard nice things about the country. After we told him that the ladies would love his accent, we think it pretty much cemented his future exodus to the Great North.


Kirk G. Thompson said...

What is the last video? Some 1800's industrial torture device? Is it really so much to ask to have such things done by hand? I mean, really, just because you can build torture device that can punish hundereds at the same time... wait a minute! I think I might hae a use for this device! BRILLIANT!

Garrett Hohn said...

Actually it was for a clock that played a song. I thought it was pretty badass/impressive. But who am I to get between a man and his torture!