Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little ole' Belgium

So we've been home for almost a week. As you could have guessed, I pretty much shot my blogging load on the Berlin post. Berlin had history, pictures and incredible stories that intertwined into the "perfect post" but adrenaline can only carry you so far and I have got the refractory period of an aging novelist. But I've come to the conclusion that I need to finish what I've started. From the very first post in London on November 6th, this is the last post to conclude our European adventures.

Colette and I arrived in Antwerp to meet Inez and Guy. They were exactly who we needed to meet at that time. They were so friendly and relaxed and more importantly completely cool with us just decompressing from 4 weeks of Blitzkrieg travel.

Guy and Inez took us on a walking tour of Antwerp. It's a neat old city with, you guessed it, really old buildings and traditions. We sampled the heavenly creation that Belgium is renowned for; the waffle. Colette opted for the 1,500 calorie concoction photographed below. (side of insulin not pictured)

Guy and Inez then took us to this crazy little bar. At one time, and by one time I mean around 1500, this served as a cellar for the man that owned the house above it. Now it serves as a really cool old bar.

We needed all the light we could get for the photo as the bar was very dark.

Shots from Brugge, Belgium

View from a tower in Brugge (cant remember the name although I do remember it cost ous 5 Euro each!)

I just realized that I had posted a single paragraph earlier in the day with no pictures. Sounded like one hell of a cliffhanger didn't it? It wasn't intentional, the poached internet in which I write from is shoddy at best. More to come, I promise :)


Kirk G. Thompson said...

Much better ending than that one paragraph, bro!

Talk more later!

Live well. Laugh often!

PS: What is the mullet update? Cut, or going all out on this one as part of the New Years resolution to grow hair for donation? Ha!

Garrett Hohn said...

It's interesting you brought up the mullet. I was keeping it in hope of the Swiss Elite Hockey Team calling me back after the tryouts! I was hoping to have the precursor to a bad ass mullet the first day of practice. Well I never got the call so I cut it the first day back stateside.

Melissa said...