Friday, December 7, 2007

Fun in München.

The people have spoken and apparently ... I have a mullet.

It seems like every time we jump on a train it takes 6 hours to get to were we are going. The ride in first class goes by surprising quick and these lengthy trips ensure plenty of time to pad the cribbage scores. Currently total is 28-21 in favor of me.

We arrived late afternoon to our German friend Kerstin´s. Kerstin, as some Mauinians will remember, was the first person we hosted on couch surfing and someone who we had continue to stay in contact with.

Kerstin took us on last Saturday night to a house party. Imagine 2 Americans who know little to no German thrown into a house with 50 chain smoking and beer guzzling krauts all this while a band played what amounted to shitty punk music. Suffice to say there wasn't a whole lot of lingual interaction forged on our behalf but the evening was not for naught. I joined into a spirit game of Nintendo Wii tennis and Colette and I made speculation as to which patrons where going home with one another.

Business first. We went to Dachau on our first day in München. Oprah had pumped up Dachau as a life alerting event. At the risk of sounding callused, I felt that the holocaust museum in Washington D.C was 10 times more powerful. Just sayins all.

We met some extraordinarily friendly folks at Dachau and they invited us out to dinner. What better way to washing away our depressing afternoon in Dachau then some beers at the Hoftbrauhaus. What is it about mass genocide that really brings people together anyways? These are 1 liter beers in exceptionally heavy beer steins.

The obligatory beer wench photo. Well actually she is carry pretzels so I guess this makes her a pretzel wench.

This is Kerstin and Alex. They are fantastic!

They took us up to Cinderella Castle (it does have a German name but I can´t remember at this juncture)

View from within the castle.

This is the view of the beer "isle." It is more like a beer square. Each of these bottles is 500 ml which equals roughly 16 ounces. The price you ask? Wicked cheap. Beer runs about 1.2 Euro per 1 liter for the good stuff!!!

This is a really cute photo of Colette surveying her eating options. The food is quite different and quite good. The yellow things on her plate are dumplings and I have never had anything so tasty and so filling. This restaurant was deep within Bavaria. Alex and Kerstin ordered for us and it became pretty obvious that the waitress became kind of nervous after they had ordered. Kerstin said that the waitress was really excited/nervous to serve foreigners that were really excited about having true German food. It became quite obvious that Colette and I were mini celebrities within the restaurant when the table full of old men would glance over not so subtle and then one by one workers in the kitchen would make their way out of the kitchen to take a peak.

This is blaukraut. It isn't as nearly sour as normal kraut. Its my new favorite food ... besides Kebaps, of course.

Here are a couple of random shots from within München.


Anonymous said...

What's with the wedding bands on Colette's finger?

Kevin said...

pretzel wench is hot!

Colette said...

to whom this concerns and whoever keeps harassing G about my so called "wedding band" wonderful father bought me a ring when I was 13 years old and I have worn it ever since...consequently I started wearing it on the marriage finger and now it is the only finger it fits on. "anonymous"...G is still single, don't worry!!!

ps...Kevin, does that dress the pretzel wench is wearing turn you on? I think G was aroused!!!

Melissa said...

...oh snap!

Colette said... are too funny. you have no idea how excited i am to get a comment! i thought i was quite funny but i was starting to doubt myself when no one thank you! cant wait to see you!

G's D said...

I would like to go on recorded as saying I am not "Anonymous" in regards to the post dated 12/7/07
G's D

Sara said...

You guys are funny. Hope you're having fun.

Kirk G. Thompson said...

Anonymous... not me!

So, Bavaria suits you two, huh? Sweet place.

Oh, and colette! Nicely done! Drinking a dark bier! That's the way! (Looks like a sweet Bock bier. Those things are powerful... especially when you order the small biers like you are holding.)

By the way, there are some pubs that don't let you use the real glass Mass of bier? Those are considered weapons in some bars! An now, you two know why! Freaking heavy!

Melissa said...

To Colette:

Hoorizzle! So that means you're coming to MT?:)

Colette said...

So here is my theory...due to the fact that anonymous chooses not to reveal themselves, I can only assume it is Jeff aka G´s D. However...the correct grammer in anonymous´ statement can lead me astray from the accusation of Jeff. We shall see...

Colette said...

Oh...I think I might join you in MT. Can´t wait!

Melissa said...

To g's pa:

Way to defend yourself when no one was accusing you.


G's D said...

Hey Lieutenant Columbo (Colette),
My reply was sincere,perhaps the real Judas is the one trying to cast the spotlight of suspicion away from themself.