Monday, December 3, 2007

Mullet watch 2007

Its been awhile since I have had a haircut. By awhile I mean August. My hair grows quickly. I suppose I should say certain parts of my hair, namely the hair on the back part of my head. My initial intention was to get a haircut after Hawaii and before Europe. I couldn't get a haircut in Hawaii because it was too expensive and I couldn't get one in Europe because I cant speak the native tongue (and its fucking expensive). I missed my 5 day window of opportunity in Oregon before Europe.

I had a premonition early on that my hair might become an issue so i took a picture. This photo is circa November 8th, 2007.

So now I am stuck with the picture you see before you (December 3rd, 2007). Colette hassles me about it constantly and threatens to cut it when she finds a suitable instrument. I cant take off my hat for fear of ridicule. Even our German hosts are giving me shit about it. There are names for the style of hair I have unconsciously donned such as Mississippi mudflap, rat tail, mullet, and my personal favorite, duck butt.

But leave it up to the Germans to outdo us. Colette and I heard this and nearly died. In addition, we like it so much that we refuse to refer to it as anything else. They call it a spoiler. Yep, you guessed it, just like the cheesy addition to the trunk of a car.


Kirk G. Thompson said...

Also called (in German) FoKuHiLa (pronounced: Foh Kuh He La). This is the first two letters of each (translated) word "Front short, back long" (vorne-kurz-hinten-lang). There really isn't a word for Redneck in German. They closest they come is a near exact translation for the USA's "Hick" (German, "Bauer" (which also means 'farmer or builder')).

For everyone's ammusment:

Melissa said...

Ooh... oh God. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Anonymous said...

oh come'on, show some balls and let us see it w/o the hat!

Anonymous said...

It's not technically a mullet if all your hair is long. Then it's just shaggy.
"Anonymous" has a point. Grow some balls, buddy!

caitlin said...

No tarradiddles...I wanna see the hair without the hat too. Only then can I make an educated decision on the haircut. Because you might be pretty enough to pull off the Jon Bon Jovi circa 1983 look.

Kirk G. Thompson said...

Dude, I think you were just called "pretty". (Caitlin, above.)

Awww. Shucks. 'tant thad juz 'bout duh whole pie!? Dems's wurds fer fight'n.

By the way, does the power of THE MUL make it more difficult to read?
(Exorcist soundtrack here)....The power of the Mul comples you! The power or the Mul compels you!

Garrett Hohn said...

Wow, this is kind of a hot button issue like abortion. Unlike abortion, nobody wins ... wa, wa

"Anonymous" - Why dont you come out from your "anonymous" moniker. Thats bullshit! I like how "anonymous 2" agreed with "anonymous 1." I thinks "anonymous 1" and "anonymous 2" might be in bed together.

Kirk - Thanks for the stellar background research. Mulletsgalore is fantastic and may have been one of the first websites I frequented. I have yet to find the classification in which my mullet resides. I dont know if it is indeed a mullet at all. No, the power of the MUL has not encouraged me to do anything out of character. Although, the insanely cheap prices here in Berlin have made it extra tempting to disobey my 2 a day Kebap limit.

Caitlin - Jovi in 83? Cindy crawford couldnt touch Jovi in 83. Nah, I was thinking more Slippery When Wet tour of 87. Besides, I have been told numerous time that I more resemble a weather Richie Sambora.

Keep the entertaining comments a comin!


G's D said...

I for one applaud the wearing of your lengthy locks for 2 reasons.
1)Frugality (Life is like a crap sandwhich the more bread you have the less shit you are forced to eat)
2)And the last time those waves were cut his mother cried for hours.
G's D

Melissa said...

Caitlin! I miss your dry humor so much!

Hey, on the bright side those "waves" are no longer of gray coloring like when you were a chubby pre teen!