Saturday, December 22, 2007

A trips' summation

All miles flown starting from Seattle and ending in Seattle 5 weeks later
Seattle - Toronto - London (Nov 5th)
London - Dublin (Nov 9th)
Dublin - Paris (Nov 13th)
Brussels - London (Dec 11th)
London - Toronto - Seattle (Dec 12th)
Total miles via plane =
13,326 miles

Miles travelled by Eurail pass (698 US dollars / each)
3,498.72 miles
.19 US Cents / mile to travel

36 total nights spent in Europe
5 nights at hostels
31 nights at couch surfing members
Total spent on lodging for 36 nights = approximately 300 US dollars

10 different couches surfed via
8 amazingly kick ass couple/individual people/roommates encountered
1 creepy Canadian guy (note previous post - "When couchsurfing goes horribly .. annoying"
1 Austrian bitch and her weird ass boyfriend

Random connections only possible by the internet and presumably an abundance of free time;
Kevin, one of my most faithful readers and a protege of mine, says that every morning before work he checks to see if there is a new post. Isn't that badass? He says he has turned random people he has met onto the URL. Random people, I welcome you. I hope you have enjoyed my stories. It is interesting to think that people I don't know will get to see, and read about my travels and perhaps be annoyed by crassness.

I have heard from an undisclosed source that one of my signature phrases has been heard in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. I would be quite honored if this phrase was catapulted into everyday lexicon much the same way that Tom Cruise brought back "glib." If you remember my Nov. 26th post entitled "Fuck it dude ... Let's go to Budapest," you will recall a story about a pair of indecisive-road-weary travelers at a deadening crux. Spurred by raging impetuousness, the phrase "Fuck it dude ... Let's go to Budapest," was uttered. Of course you don't remember this profound phrase because that was the only blog I have written that hasn"t received a single comment! Well, one reader remembered at least and was overheard using the tag line when reaching a similar impasse involving where to dine for lunch.

Random Musings
1. The Londoners walk 40% faster then we do. It's that awkward really fast walk but not quite a jog thing
2. London folks are always dressed up. Take their fashion pretty seriously they do. It's always suits for the blokes and a skirt or nice pants for the ladies. A fancy scarf is obligatory fare for either sex.
3. The US dollar sucks
4. The French people are very petite and dainty. Bodes well to not fighting in war.
5. The Italians were the rudest people we encountered
6. The nicest; the Swiss followed by French and Germans

I will soon post some lost pictures and videos from the trip:)


Kirk G. Thompson said...

G! I'd been checking the same way... every morning first thing in the office. It was the one way I was sure to get a smile. has also become quite the read for a couple of my buddies in CA and AZ and brothers (and sister) around the country. Hell, I've even been asking (still) about that spaceshuttle car. Several have spotted the bugger before; however, no-one seems to have any details. I think I'll have to codify your elcectro-space-shuttle-vehicle as "european-genus-sasquatch." You may have the photos to prove it, but have you bagged one or found anything it feeds on? Or some form of sh_t it leaves lying around?

It is after mid-night and my parents were doing a river tour of Germany for thier first time to the area (safe, secure, and they follow your rules... ask someone that looks like they drink, play, what-ever you are looking to do). Cool parents. They were showing me pictures of thier trip, telling me of Amsterdam's sex shops, the non-existant 'value' of a dollar, email/keyboard issues... and laughed thier assess off at your travels. It is after midnight and my mom is still laughing here at the Christmas holidays.

So, here I am in AZ with my brother and our parents. (step-bro,parents). Packers play the Bears ina few hours, mom's cooking is everywhere, and I'm not at the office -- so LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

Tough about missign the warm weather after the trip.

As for living over seas... I'd do it in a heart beat. I lived in Germany for a year and a half (at University), and have a Thai side to the family (my step fam. (my dad's long-time girlfriend)). I would like to live in several countries for 3-6 months at a time. Hell. I could miss an entire presidency and not miss it -- much. I'd just need a couple good friends and a lot of laughs.

Life is an adventure, brother. And by definition, it is not an adventure unless the outcome is uncertain. Where am I about to visit?

If you hit San Diego / Los Angeles or just about anywhere in the south west, you know I"m game for an expedition! (and/or some adventure!)

Live well. Laugh often, bro!

Have a kick-ass day.

Kevin said...

wow, what a thoughtful, embracing, and heartfelt comment from previous reader......just know that I was the first to tip off complete strangers to your blog! others may try to steal that iconic title from me, but we both know who really holds the gold on that one. I'm honored to be mentioned in your trip's afterthoughts. I'm equally amazed at the summation of the trip; it's not that I didn't believe you could do it....I just didn't believe you could do it! I can't wait to hear more about the famed Eurotrip in the future my man...

Garrett Hohn said...

Uh oh, it's a post off! K-bone, I cannot confirm or discredit Kirk's claim that he introduced more people to RMAUR: TIGTTNSI. Although to his credit, I could always count on a comment from KGT after each and every post! So in that respect, he further ossifies his veracity.