Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oregon to Montana to Oregon

It seems that there is an enigmatic vibe that surrounds the state of Montana. Whilst overseas I remember at least one person asking me about Montana in detail. In fact, one of the greatest small-world-stories of all time comes from Belgium. Inez, our couchsurfing host, was regaling us with a story of yesteryear in which, while in the United States, she stumbled into a bar with saw dust and peanut shells strewn about the floor. In this bar they had a horn which, when blown hard enough, spewed flour back into the operators face. After a series of questions we determined that bar to be none other than Moose's Saloon in Kalispell, Montana. A bar in which we all know and love.

Colette conquering her fear of heights.

So how does a state with less then one million inhabitant become so worldly renowned?

Stunning scenery such as this

What a beautiful sight! Beautiful sign and beautiful girl (ignore the ugly dat (dog/cat).

Until October 1st, 2005, it was completely legal to drink whilst you drove in Montana. It's been a tradition of mine to stop in Libby, pick up a sixer of Montana's finest swill, and enjoy "one for the road." According to wikipedia, Mississippi is the only state without law prohibiting drinking while driving.

A moose gettin' his drink on.



Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I was literally going to beat you for posting what looked like a guy's eye ball popping out! And it wasn't just my imagination cuz I watched the horror on Nick's face while he viewed! But after three times, he connected the dots! Phew!