Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do you ever wonder?

There are universally accepted facts such as that the media lies to us, boobs are good, and that when you see an Asian tourist, they will have a camera. Because I understand much of how the world works on my own, I spend little time seeking out knowledge. However, every now and again I am stumped, nay intrigued, about how certain things that "came to be." Why is the uber-harsh German language spoken by females incredibly sexy?

Perhaps the biggest worldly mystery of all; the metamorphosis of Chelsea Clinton. Tommy Callahan Jr., if he were still alive (or a real person for that matter), would give her the "boner of the month" award. Instead, in his bereaved absence, I award her the honorary "hot biscuit" trophy.

After my European travel, I began to wonder how we came to drive on the right hand side of the road while other countries drive on the left. Even French Guiana and Suriname, who drive on the left hand side, border countries that drive on the right hand side. How does the switch over work?

Here are a couple of great articles illustrating how roadway travels became to be.

Wikipedia article

Another article


Kirk said...

There is a special place in Hell for Assholes. It is my most sincere wish this "Public Servant" is 1) fired, 2) sent to prison for agrivated assault, and 3) charged to re-imburse the public for all costs associated with the trails associated with this travasty.

Garrett Hohn said...

You forgot to mention taser to the nuts.