Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Montana videos

Besides being a professional lapdog, Pug is training to become a fighting dog

This is Colette's first time firing a gun. Not bad for someone from Oregon! Colette's hillbilly way are not be be outdone however. A man from Utah, pissed off by his neighbor for whatever reason, did what most jilted homeowners with a surplus of non-running cars wish they had the motivation to do, erected a wall made out of vehicles.

The cheapskate in me says (in reference to the one on the right) "dang, there's still good tread on dem tires!"

On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to welcome two new visitors to the blog. Our first, and with the poor content of late, most likely last visitors from the continents of South America and Australia.

The good news keeps pouring in! Today, after a 4 year hiatus from the quarter half-ton club due to various injuries, I bench pressed 260 pounds twice today! But I've clearly got nothing on this guy ....


Kirk said...

Nice to see the lighter side and havin' some fun!

Colette... sweet! Not many women shoot. It is usually one of the first few dates where I go to the range. Yep... I manage to find a few women able to join me at the range in So.Cal. Always a fun time!

And as for Mayzee, that dog cracks me up. Lots of personality.

Have a kick-ass day and enjoy the Olympics!

(and G!, nicely done on the 260!) I'm about to get back to the gym after a few year hitatus... broken back and all... feeling great and about redy to hit some iron and go rock-climbing again!

Garrett Hohn said...

Yes, good time had by all on that trip!

The first trip back into the gym after any length hiatus might possibly be on of the most humbling experiences of any dudes life.

Thanks giving of 2004 I bench 250 once. It WAS my personal record at the time. Some douchebag blindsides me during one my rec-league hockey games the next week and I can't bench 135 for a couple weeks past that! Can't take off my own fucking shirt for a couple of days immediately after the injury. Yeah that whiplash stuck with me until about a year ago. Stiff neck in the A.M hours and diminished range of motion. But I am about 95% since the injury though, if I knew the name of the guy who'd hit me, I'd kick him in the balls.

Moral of the story? Keep on truckin' and, if it was someone who inflicted the injury on you, get that some-bitches number!

On a more humorous note, the old man tore a piece of fat playing volleyball with us in Maui. I think he's still a little fucked up. There was no number to retrieve on that play though, totally his own fault!

Pa! said...

The injured fat in my left wing was back 100% in just shy of one year.
As for being my own fault, Do I not get any credit for selflessly (Some observers would say shamelessly) throwing myself under the body of a falling team mate who just happened to be of the softer persuasion?