Monday, October 1, 2007

Proof that I do work

If the Olympics had a logging event, we'd be in it. Conversely, if the Olympics had a "special" division .... oh wait, they do. Just the same we'd probably be in that too.
Notice the stature of the logs taken. My father calls this insatiable desire to harvest the largest log in the forest "wood envy."
The "Silver Bullet" earning her keep
Darbo, also known simply as "the best dog in the world,"clearly consumed with obsequiousness because of my enthusiastic, and perhaps somewhat questionable, use of large farm machinery as a photographic prop.
Darby, in her perpetually steeped tranquil state, is not impervious to the occasional episode of harassment.

Me peeling a log. And then I went into the outhouse and ... peeled a log.
How the hell did he make it in this blog? Anyways, this is the outhouse I spoke of.
Hard at work.
Recovering from hard work.

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