Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Going to Europe - Where should we go?

Colette and I are going to Europe. Where should we go?! We are flying into London Nov. 5th and out of London Dec 12th. 5 solid weeks of worldly beer drinking. We are very open to suggestions. Assuming the camera doesn't get damaged when I fall into a vat of Guiness in Ireland, it will document our daily travels. I have given myself the responsibility of learning British and Irish while Colette is in charge of learning German, French, Italian and Amsterdam-ish. Don't know if that's a language but Colette better learn it or else we are gonna have a hell of a time finding me some Asian hookers!

Garrett's Top 5 destinations
1. Guiness Factory - Ireland
2. Southern Germany - For beers and such. Dachau was recommended unto us as well. And I love German accents.
3. London of course to snicker at the blokes with the queer accent. Cheeky buggers!
4. Amsterdam - Don't worry, I'm not going to do "H." Unless by "H" you mean hookers. Then, well, guilty as charged
5. Austria - "that's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?"

1. Not Amsterdam - Colette thinks I will do something stupid. She is probably right.
2. Italy - I heard Rome was dirty and consequently sucked ass. Florence I heard was badass, however.
3. Germany - Colette likes beer. She says it's good for her diabetes. This wiki was actually written with her in mind.
4. You know, honestly, if Colette strings more then 2 or 3 sentences in succession, I tend to dose off. I really can't remember what she said after #3 so I will finish for her.
5. Swedish hockey game and strip joint


Anonymous said...

Un-fucking-believable...that is no where close to my list...however it seems like Europe is going to bring you one thing...Hookers. While I kick back and enjoy the beers of Europe you are going to be off adopting a multitude of STD's. Who will have more fun in the long run?!

Garrett Hohn said...

Reveil your source, wench!

Golden said...

i think you should go to prague. i hear that's where the fun is, personally i've never been there but i have some friends that have. mostly they can't remember what happened there or remember making out with hookers, so right up your alley. just be careful with the absynthe =)