Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busan and beyond

I had today off. Apparently it was a test taking day today for the students so to the foreign teachers, it was an unannounced day off. Unnanounced time off is one of the perks to the public school gig. I made my way down the stairs and I ran into a Australian woman from the apartment building who I saw at the gym briefly. Our small talk slowed me up enough to see Scott, the Englishman. He was stopping by to see if I wanted to go sightseeing today. It was nearly pure coincidence that we ran into each other because I don't have a cell phone and I barely have internet.

Strangely enough one of the best chicken sandwiches I have had in my life. The plain chicken breast was lackluster however.

Scott said we should go check out Busan. Busan is about 50 minutes away by bus. After we arrived we determined that we couldn't go on until we satieted our hunger. I'm not sure how we determined it but KFC was the winner of our business. Sadly, it took me all of a week to cave to the addictive powers that are western food.

A street vendor

Whilst in Busan we checked out Haeundai beach, visited a PC bang for 3 minutes and just generally perused.
Haeundai beach

Haeundai beach

Busan subway - See any fimiliar faces? We're not in Kansas anymore, Todo.

Some familiar sights in the land of unfimiliarity.

This server was nice enough to allow me to take a picture without tainting it with the peace sign.

Some good grinds we endulged back in little Masan. Otherwise known as "the sticks"

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