Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This foreigner's day at work

The shoe depot is going out of business! Just kidding, it's 800 pairs of used tennis shoes worn by pubescent males. I heard Britney is making it the flagship fragreance in her new perfume line. Gross!

Today was a special holiday of sorts here in Korea. 11/11. It has something to do with the linear-ness of the actual number 1. One of my students scurried up to my desk when I was barely paying attention, slipped these over, threw a quick bow and bolted before I could thank him.

The coolest thing ever. Kids are put to work over here! It's about damn time we start utilizing slave labor!

More cheap labor.

Front of the middle school. It has a nice athletic facility. Mr. Kim, the principal, told me that it is the only artifically grassed field in Masan Public Schools. That may have been Korea, I'm having a hard time remembering now. Today I walked to work on my own and didn't get lost. Just like a big boy would. It's been amazing weather thus far. Yuna, the same woman who told me this is normal recanted this afternoon and said this is unseasonably warm.

Lunch - I can only identify 2/5's pf this plate. Upper left corner we have bean soup. Upright right is purple rice. I finished the bean soup not because I wanted to but because just like the fellow from the movie "Alive!", he knew biting into that ass-cheek was the only thing that was gonna keep his starving carcass living.

Me in action

Notice the picture on the screen. I will give this presentation about 18 times this week about Montana. The students are impressed with how big and beautiful the state is. Consider this a state wide heads up for an Asian tourist invasion!


Colette Reid said...

Great pictures g! I can't believe you eat that stuff...I guess you can't complain if they give you free food!
I remember that trip to MT...good picture!
All of the kids look so attentive...definitely not like HI!

Cousin Sarah said...

So my grandpa said the winters there are miserably cold! Then again I think he was dug in on a hillside somewhere. Should be fun!

Garrett Hohn said...

cousin sarah - First off, I appreciate your moniker change to eleviate any confusion between you, SarahL and so on ...

Tom said that? Doesn't stike me as the type to complain! Did they have gortex or sweat wicking material back-in-the-day? Maybe that was the issue cause I'm feeling just dandy in my performance fleece and Bass shoes!

But seriously, apparently N Korea and the North part of S Korea get bitterly cold. Though I've heard Canadians scoff at the notion that this place is cold.

Wendy said...

You look so official! I guess you really do work :)