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Resume - perspective teacher in S. Korea

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Garrett Hohn

5500 West Kootenai Rd., Rexford, MT

(406) 360-6244


8/99 – 5/00

College of Technology - UM - Missoula

Area of study: Computer Networking

8/01 – 12/02

Flathead Valley Community College

Area of study: Secondary Education

1/02 – 12/05

University of Montana - Missoula

Area of study: Secondary Education

Health and Human Performance – Health Enhancement. Cumulative GPA 3.04

Field/Volunteer Experience:


1st field experience – 45 hours

High school computer class


Whitefish High School Hockey assistant coach - about 25 hours

Helped with coaching duties


2nd field experience – 45 hours

Middle school health and P.E class


Flagship Program – 26 hours

Taught middle school students about rock climbing


Student Teaching – Spokane, WA

Shaw Middle School - .5 semester

Rogers High School - .5 semester

Ran classroom operations. Devised and prepared lessons in both Health and P.E at Middle school and Highs school levels


H.O.B.Y ( – 75 hours

Lead a group of gifted & talented high school students in discussion and through character building exercises

Work History:

7/06 – 6/07

Iao Intermediate School

Supervisor: Catherine Kilborn

Ph. (808) 984-5610

Implement and carry out daily lessons in both Physical Education and Health to middle school students.

9/06 – 6/07

Hawaii Speed and Quickness

Supervisor: Ikaika Bennett

Ph. (808) 357-8538

Motivate students both physically and mentally through a two hour after school program.

Professional References:

Keola Soon

Fellow teacher at Iao intermediate

Ph. (808) 937-1408

Ikaika Bennett

Supervisor “Hawaii Speed and Quickness”

Ph. (808) 357-8538

Mary Reid

Willamette ESD

Ph. (509) 354-6552

Alaina Kluk

Counselor at Iao Intermediate

Ph. (808) 264-7997

Special skills, training, and interests

  • In addition to my love of the sport of hockey, I pursue an intense passion for weight lifting and all endeavors physically orientated. I have also completed my intermediate coaching education program through U.S.A Hockey.
  • Throughout my lifetime I have played four musical instruments (trombone, percussion, mandolin, guitar). I still play guitar to this day.

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