Monday, January 14, 2008

Who is the better actor?

I don't have strong feelings regarding this subject but you have to figure that Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp have to be in the upper echelon of actors currently working today. Who do you think is the better actor and why? Use the "comments" section to sound off.

Films from each actor

Jonny Depp
Pirates of the Caribbean
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Edward Scisscorhands
Whats eating Gilbert Grape

Leonardo Dicaprio
The Departed
Blood Diamond
Catch Me If You Can
The Man in the Iron Mask
Whats eating Gilbert Grape


Kirk G. Thompson said...

Although DiCaprio's performance in Blood Diamond and Departed were absolutely ourstanding, and The Beach was fun, Catch Me if you Can... and there was that Titanic thing... he is kinda limited in his range of expression. Similar charaters. The handsome guy that everyone wants to see, but is inherently flawed.

Depp? That guy has RANGE in his ability to take on charaters. Pirates? Charley? 21 Jump Street? (HA!) Once Upon a Time in Mexico? Blow? Scisorhands? The man can act.

But seriously, do either one have what Shatner has? :)

Garrett said...

As always Kirk, well played. I believe DiCaprio's best performance is Blood Diamond. While Depp rests his laurels on Pirates. It's a tough call. Depp is so charismatic in Pirates. I ran into a bartender in England who clearly had a South African accent. Chatted with the fellow and asked him if he had seen Blood Diamond. He confirmed so I asked him how Dicaprio's accent was. His response, "Dead On!"

To this point I'd say coin flip. Add in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and my vote is for Dicaprio.

Kirk G. Thompson said...

Garrett my friend! Definitely Agree! Blood Diamond was the best to date. I own only a few DVDs and Blood Diamond is on my list to own -- yes, that good.

Both actors are not in my favorites; however, both make entertaining films. As for the better actor, I hear you on Blood Diamond. And how about Aviator (H. Hughes)? DiCaprio is SPOT ON and getting a lot better.

My vote went for Depp because of the range of characters Depp has played. Granted, most all are from odd to strange (Scissorhands, Pirate, Charley/Chocolate, drug pimp, assassain with protetic arm (Mexico), Don Juan, Benny and June, the yet unseen SweenyTodd) and perhaps that is what makes me enjoy his films… his ability to take in and convincingly portray some real quirky roles – and for me not to think… ahh, that’s that Depp guy again.

I just went to to see what new flicks are coming from each… perhaps this battle will continue of who will ultimately win the GH best actor award. Submit these two to MTV’s celebrity death-match for a tie breaker. OR, the first to do a part with William Shatner… :) Have a kick-ass day!

Kevin said...

Man you are desperate to get comments on your blogs these days.

Clearly, Jude Law has both sh-men beat.