Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sure, people mistake me all the time for Brad Pitt.

Stereotypes are a funny phenomenon. Students are shocked to know that I'm American because I don't weigh 150 kilograms, yet at the same time, strangers will ask "American?" if I'm approached at a cross walk, grocery store, and of all things, a urinal. Over the past six months, I've been told I resemble certain celebrities. The conversation usually goes as follows.

Korean person: "Hi"
Me: "Hi"
Korean person: "You (insert celebrity name here)" or if the Korean processes advanced English skills it's "You look-a like-a (insert celebrity name here)"
Me: "Really? Thanks."
Korean person: "BYE!"

Here is the list of the ones I can remember. I've heard some Korean's say that all white people look alike. This statement also comes from the same race of people that believe in fan death.

Wentworth Miller (Micheal Scholfield on "Prison Break" - yeah I had to look this up too.)

Matt Daemon - this is a give me.

David Beckham (because of the hair or my mad soccer skills I presume)

Brad Pitt - Seriously, stop laughing!

Mark Wahlberg (Max Payne) - I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that I'm always look pissed off when I'm at school. That's probably because I am indeed pissed off when I am at school. Here is where things start to get absurd ...

"Kevin" from Home Alone

Kevin from Home Alone? The whole scenario was ridiculous. This 10 year old boy the first day of class in March started pointing at me saying, "Kevin! Kevin!" It was right about then that the Korean teacher (the time she came to class within the last 6 month) said, "He thinks you are Kevin from Home Alone movie." Anyways, If you exclude Macaulay Culkin from the list, I think it's pretty good company.

Here is perhaps the most humorous one of all. Barrack O'bama. Ok, ok, not in the looks department but because a student said that our voices are similar. Having a hard time picturing the similarities? Perhaps this shocking photo will help you.

Barrack and Garrett

See it now?

Ok, if I had to compare myself to another celebrity, it would be Nick Lidstrom. Obviously no one within 5,000 miles of Korea has heard of him but it's an honorable mention. In fact, I like to think of myself as the "poor man's Nicklas Lidstrom"

Nicklas Lidstrom
1. Born in Sweden
2. Has a lot of money
3. Plays hockey really well
4. Had an iron man streak of 228 straight playoff games
5. Has a really hot wife

Garrett Hohn
1. Born in the United States
2. Is broke as a joke on coke
3. Plays hockey about as well as Forrest Gump thinks
5. Had an iron man streak of 526 straight unemployed days
5. Masturbates constantly

So yeah, as you can see about the only thing we share in common are our boyish good looks and mutual love of the winged wheel.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that you only have that same blue shirt over there in South Korea. Do you need a care package?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry that anonymous post is from me, cousin Sarah.

Nik said...


Sarah said...

um garrett... is that a bolo tie? tell me it isn't...

Garrett Hohn said...

bolo tie? Not sure what it is but a teacher maid it for me so I felt an obligation to adorn it from sometime longer than an evening but not a full fortnight.

Sarah said...

I was just teasing you, I only noticed because our lovely govenor never wears the same one twice and I just saw him an jesse's graduation.

Kirk said...

dammit. Wing lost.

You ever wander down some street where people have never seen a white-man? Happend to me in both China and Thailand. Kids grab onto thier mothers... wondering what this strange beast is... or, the people come up and and if they can touch your hair... they never saw actual blond hair... funny. Simple things crack me up.

Try this site for a facial regognition for similarities to famous faces:

Ryan Delany said...

If I were Korean, I would think you were Jared the subway guy or Elton John. Anyway, been reading up on your blogs. Seems like you are having a great time in SK. When you coming back? Sorry about the RWs. That must of hurt.

Garrett Hohn said...

Kirk - haven't had the hair touch but I've seen wide-eyed people like they've seen a ghost, been asked to take a picture with them, been approached by girls barely speaking English with trembling hands. It's all very memorable.

Prof - Jared? I'll take Jared over you being a dead ringer for angry George Cant-standya any day! Wings loss was tough but I'm ready to leave my cave now. Atleast when they went down 2-0 I knew they'd probably lose. I would have had a heart attack had it went to OT. The Pens deserve the win. Wings got lazy.

Pa! said...

The #5 comparison between you and
Nicklas Lidstrom makes more sense now that it has been made public that he took a speer to the junk. and your public confession of self abuse.