Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Father of mine

This is my dad. When I saw him first thing this morning, this is the image I was greeted with.


Colette Reid said...


Anonymous said...

What the hell?? Tell me this is fixable?


Anonymous said...

Oh! It's on now, I'm taking off the gloves, Let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

This recent incident has breached my circle of trust(lol), sadly it may soon be a mere (.)........
G's Pa

Anonymous said...

It takes a strong man to laugh at his toothless face,
along with everyone else
(and so sorry ladies,...he's all mine!)
I have never wanted you more honey!
I am so thankful for your sense of humor, and your beautiful smile, teeth or no teeth.
I am the luckiest girl in the world!
P.S~ It really was all G's idea!
~G's ma.

Anonymous said...

After much thought I have decided to take the magnanimous path on this whole incident.
G's Pa

Melissa said...

This does not help me now that everyone thinks I'm whtie trash.

Anonymous said...

The fact you spelled white incorrectly doesn't help your case

Melissa said...

Forgive me for my typo as I was still in a rage from the other blog.

Hurt'n for a Squirt'n said...

Obviously a case of mistaken identity. This man is clearly a poster child for hillbillyism.

If history has taught us anything it is that white trash will eventually evolve in to hillbilly. White trash generally starts in the city and is exiled to the hills when the mass accumulation of shit is to overwhelming.

Some of you may remember this man as white trash back in the 80s but I assure you, he has taken the plunge in to hillbillyism and has not looked back since.

His toothless bearded face, the strong scent of bacon grease when he is present, and his overall offensive appearance ;) are all tell tale signs of a hillbilly.
His lovely daughter Melissa is clearly still in the experimental stages of white trash. Though she has an abundance of cars in her yard, all are licensed and indeed run.

Pa! said...

I must take issue with hurt’n for a squirt’n response.
First of all my godsend of a daughter has always been an Ellie Mae Clampett (hillbilly) in my eyes. It has been under his watch, and by his own admission that she has been reduced to a Darlene Conner (white trash).
For I see hillbilly to be at the top of the social order. Let's examine the different classes.
1)White Trash equates with: poor me syndrome , under achievers and victims
2)Redneck is what White Trash aspires to be
3)Rig Rich/Money Poor: substitute rig for house and you have a yuppie which equals a follower, Also a need to keep up with the Joneses, and looking to others for approval of status, and in the end a slave to the system.
4)Used car salesman (although technically not a class) Lacking in morals, con man, And a Hurray for me and screw you mentality.
5)The Upper Class has 2 types
Type 1 is the ego driven, power hungry, braggart .who thinks happiness is found through more and more possessions
Type2 Well meaning but ineffective do gooder (usually at the tax payers expense) Also of the mentality they know what’s best for the sheeple.
And then there is the hillbilly who lives by their own rules, played under the radar, answers to no one’s standard but their own. Understands that wealth should be measured by abundance of leisure. While living in a beautiful serene slow-paced setting. And is smart enough not to boast about the utopia as not to attract the rest of the undesirables.

Garrett Hohn said...

I'd have a hard time taking shit from a guy whose avatar picture has more gum than tooth. But then maybe that makes him an expert about what is and what is not a redneck.

Pa! said...

Your 6th grade school picture is a spittin image of your avatar.
Take that Banjo Boy

Melissa said...

Zing! Pa one, garvo zero.

Touche` pops!

Kirk G. Thompson said...

G's Pa,
Well said. Although, I'd say there may be a couple more types than the list provides... Innovator/Engineer, Monk/Priest, Fanatic/Idealist... just to name a few.

Fan of Ayn Rand?

Might make for a good new musing from the G-man.

Pa! said...

Kirk, I have yet to read Atlas Shrugged as I hear it's a tough read.
But from the Freedom Forums I lurk on she is quoted often. Claire Wolfe also wrote a series of stories (Hardyville) loosely based on Rands writing. (So indirectly I'm a fan)