Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ireland in 2 days

Views of the coast

More coastal views

Mahilide Castle Cemetary - Dont pay the admission into the castle. It isnt that impression as far as antiquiety is concerned.

Another couch surfing destination and another German keyboard. We are 2 for 2.

We arrived in Dublin Saturday afternoon. The flight from London to Dublin was all of 50 minutes. As luck would have it we had to wait 1.5 for the next bus to arrive to take us to a location in which our CS host, Berit, would pick us up. Berit picked us up in a German car with a left-hand side steering wheel but she drives on the right-hand side of the road just like the Irish and the British. It's quite interesting. Everytime I think I could drive on the other side of the road I zone out, and in my head, my 2 dr. rental Yugo colides with one of those Mercedes Smart Cars and together we burst into flames amounting to little more then a small campfire.

Speaking of the Smart Car, we've spotted another car on the road, believe it or not, even smaller then the Smart Car. It is very difficult to get a picture of the little fella in its natural habitat. Its diminutive size and efficient stride coupled with its camoflauged exterior, make it an elusive beast. However, being the astute study I am with camera always readied, I got a close up shot of the rig from the tour bus. This was the first car of this make and model I have seen to date. The very next day we saw another one, hell it could have been the same one, at a stopped intersection. From the bus I turned on the camera and fired off 3 photos all of which we seriously impaired by the flash from the inside of the bus. The man inside the vehicle rolled down his window and smiled at us. I bet his thoughts were, "crazy tourists, haven't they ever seen a car this small before?

If the size of the car determines the name and the previous deminutive car manufactured by Mercedes was called a "Smart Car" I believe this would be entitled to the moniker "Brilliant Car." Conversly, we would have to rename all of our cars as such meaning the Excursion would become the "Retard Car" or, to appeal to the younger crowed, the "Avril Lavigne car." Seriously have you heard that girl speak? About half as dense as manure but not nearly as useful.

The weather on the isles has been quite nice. We have only been rained on once i the 7 days we have been here. Quite unusual for this time of year we have been told. Berit's flat is about 15 minutes walking distance to the bus stop and another 45 to the city center of Dublin. Colette and I encounter this litte pup on the way to the bus stop at 8 a.m. When we came upon him, he was dragging his ass along the concrete. If that doesn't wake you up in 30 degree weather, I don't know what will.

And to answer your question Mel, yes he did have an Irish accent. He said something to the effect of, "Aye' mate, feckin' cold int it?"

We took a tour of the Dublin City center on a double decker bus. Have of the back end is open so the hard core test their strength against the weather. Col├ętte and I usually snag the front row if we can. The tour takes an hour and a half and does a complete loud in and around the city. There are several bus running concurrently therefore if you jump of one bus to take a couple of pictures, there is a bus only 10 minutes behind to pic you up. The cost was € 12 (17 US dollars)

This is Dublina Castle

St. Paul Cathedral and park

A faithful blogger reader that goes by the handle "Kate's dad," clever pen name Bob, called me out and was wondering where all the pictures of the brewery and distillaries are. While this isn't as indepth, well written or anywhere near the value of Frommer's I, unlike Frommer's, take requests from my reading audience. Just kidding, I have been planning on touring the Guinness brewery since childhood.

When travelling as a pair sometimes it becomes difficult to get photos with both parties involved. I am always apprehensive when handing my camera over to others to take our photos. This is why I employ a couple of safe guards to protect my camera from theft. Here is a little tip from the trenches you won't find in Frommer's. Find the fattest or mst disabled person you can, even better if the person is blind or a single or double amputee, and have them take your picture. Why you ask? If they decide to take off with your camera, even on your drunkest or sickest of day, you should be able to catch them. This works 99% of the time. The only exception, and this happened to me personally, is entrusting a person in a wheel chair with your camera that happens to be at the top a hill. That Stephen Hawkings is a very smart man!
The Guinness brewery spans 64 acres in Dublin, it exports a mind numbing amount of beer to nearly every country in the world. The impressive part about the whole enterprise is that Arthur Guiness

View from "Gravity Bar" atop the Guiness brewery.

Temple Bar

This is what € 13.5 buys you (19 US)

Dublin was excellent and have no complqaints other than how expensive it was. But more importantly, we woke up without ball gags in our mouths and hands ducttaped behind out backs. In my books, that's always a situation worth giving thanks for when staying with people you have never met

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