Thursday, November 29, 2007

Innsbruck, Austria and so on ....

Remember the previous post in which Colette and I went to Budapest? Most of it was because our hosts were exceptionaly rude and made us feel very uncomfortable. In the same vein, we ended up cutting our Vienna excursion a day short in favor of an overnight retreat in Innsbruck, Austria. We are really glad we did because the scenery was absolutely stunning.

The ride to Innsbruck within the train. This is the view from 1st class mind you.

Colette and I had dinner at an Italian resturant in Vienna. The shop owner didnt speak German, nor did he speak English only Italian. Conrad and his girlfriend Marion came to our aid by translating for us and then invited us to have dinner with them. We spent the remainder of our evening with them drinking Grapa and Gühlvien. This is one of the gühlvien tents. It was absolutely freeizng yet the clusterfuck worth of bodies and copious amounts of sweet alcohol kept everyone warm.

View from the hostel in which we stayed. Price for one person in one room was Euro 34 if you add another person it jumps to Euro 63 for the same room. We opted for the first price by sneaking me in.
A bridge in Innsbruck.

Another train shot.


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Kirk G. Thompson said...

Amazing place. And is that the Zugspitze in the background? (Germany's highest peak?) Makes one really appreciate what LIFESTYLE can be. The Rockies are great, and perhaps in a thousand years, we, too, will have quaint towns and villages that can endure the centuries...

There are some stops that you would like to spend some time in... just to relax.

Enjoy the Glu:wein!

and if you are having trouble with Austrian hosts, remember, that one guy with the moustach from WWII -- well, remember -- he wasn't German!

and on that point, WWI started there too, with the famous 'shot heard round the world' (the assassianation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.

Beautiful area, though! And GREAT SKIIING/BOARDING.

Enjoy Bavaria (Munich) and die Schweitz (Switzerland).