Monday, August 2, 2010

Le' Ranch

We call the 11th floor of this filing cabinet "home"

Home. What does it mean to you? To many, and in its absolute literal interpretations, it's a shell composed of sticks, wire and furnishings. Figuratively, however, the views begin to broadly widen. What some see as an anchor of stability others see simply as an anchor. Home to me, well at least"home" in Korea, represents respite in an otherwise confusing world. It's also worth noting that I refer to home as any place I take three consecutive morning bowel movements.
About as effective as Homeland Security minus the price tag.

Welcome to our apartment! Allow me to take you on a virtual tour. Do please take your shoes off as you enter. As far as apartments go, it's tough to beat ours. It's spacious, modern and most importantly, free. Easily the nicest place I'll ever live in with more gadgets than you can shake a stick at. We moved our bed into the living quarters to be next to the A/C during these sweltering summer months.
This is the "view" from 'Le` Ranch' - This view would give some Koreans a boner but it's somewhat lost on me.
The living room
It's uncanny as to how the dog always seems to make it into the shots!
The kitchen - On the left under the counter is the wash/dryer. On the kick plate under the sink is a sink on/off switch. It's pretty slick.
The master bedroom with auxilary room to the right.
The second bedroom - What started as a hobby, then a necessity, finally manifested itself into an obsession. You're looking at "Dong Brother's Brewery" (Dong in Korean means "neighborhood")
The crown jewels. Yeah, the trophy wife is cool but if shit hits the fan and I needed to get the fuck out Daejeon, I could likely trade these for a raft or something.
A bar that I've never been to but always chuckle when I pass their sign.
The place I get my hair cut for 6 dollars and their vending machine that always rings another 2 out of me.
The "coal mine" - If you can spot the the blue "EDI" sign than you've likely got a sharp enough eye to see strands of my soul seeping out of the heating ducts.

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