Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Adventure: Redux

Come one, come all! Resisting the urge to use a lame cliché such as "ice being back for a brand new edition", I'm indeed, for all intensive purposes, back in the writing saddle. You're back because you are a) family b) enrolled in Stanford University's English 302 - Creative Literature c) a glutton for punishment with yet to be named mental disorders or d) prisoner at San Quinten's State Penitentery who happened to stumble upon a hole in the internet firewall. I include this preface because the critical reviews for "Some Call me Waegook" have been trickling in and Siskel and Ebert were sporting less than two stubby thumbs up.

"egotistical, yet self-loathing"
- Sean Keighley - Great Falls, MT

"keep your feet well-manicured for when you put your foot in your mouth"
- Dead Garrett Hohn's Aunt - Tempe, AZ

In the event that you've forgotten why you love or, more aptly, hate this publication, let us take a convoluted memory lane.

Chapter 1: "Ho brah! You like beef, hawley?!"
Chapter 2: "Vie are im Deautcheland! Isn't that veird!"
Chapter 3: "Untethered, unmotivated, unemployed: The poor-man's Wall Street Journal"
Chapter 4: "Some call me Waegook (others call me "Asshole American")

After "Some Call Me Waegook" ended, I returned to Montana, putting the pen down all the while rejoining life as an average swingin' dick. Trading in the urban sprawl and public transportation for miles of rugged terrain and an old 4 wheel drive truck, was refreshing yet strange all at the same time. And after time, I came to the realization that "home", being while being comfortable, beautiful and hospitable has a shelf life at this juncture of my life. The solution was simple; another adventure.

Follow my wife Alla and I (did I mention I got married?!) as we head to Thailand (Dec 15th) for a couple of weeks followed by another stint in South Korea. Ladies and gentleman, I'm excited to offer you my, Garrett Hohn's, newest writing venture - "Oatmeal & Porn : Cherished Gift from Abroad".

This t-shirt really doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just thought it was deserving of a caption.

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