Saturday, February 14, 2009

Party-time, excellent

It happens regularly around here. The boss determines that the staff needs to congregate for one reason or another and then when the no-holds-barred Soju-styled wrestling begins. Because I'm willing to stake my liver's still functioning areas for Korean immortality, I abide and tip back with my superiors.

From left to right (the So Jun crowd .. city school): Yuna, Ju Yeon, Hyun Mi, Yong Mi, Me-me

Around the horn from left to right (Sam Jin ... country school) Hyun Gung, Jin Sun, Ju Yeon, Garrett

Mr. Kim and I drinking makoli

I like this photo because I showed it to a friend and they said, "you look so happy!" Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. I was goded into allowing Mr. Kim to feed me with his chopsticks. What isn't visible in the picture are my insides seething with fiery rage.


Kirk said...

Whaooooh. Dude.
Rage flavored soju?

By the way, I've always wondered about sitting on the floor in norther climates. In Thailand, it was always warm. But Koreans either have large of heating bills, or heated floors.

Garrett Hohn said...

Ha. Soju might as well be rage flavored. Whatever flavor it is, it's ridiculously cheap.

10-4 on the heated floors. They are absolutely amazing though they don't even begin to start to make up for all the shortcomings that hinder this country.

1. Lack of quality beer
2. Lack of Mexican food
3. Need I continue?

Pa! said...

Elvis might be able to fill the room with adoring fans after a long absence.
But you ain't Elvis.
Me and Ma are getting a little bushy up here in the Koot.
So throw us a bone &
Get up on it, Bitch!